Nickel Alloys


    Nickel is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Ni and atomic number 28. Nickel alloys are heat resistance, high temperature and corrosion resistance. It is a non-ferrous metal with high strength and toughness.

    All together this makes nickel alloys suitable for a wide range of demanding applications, all type of turbines, nuts and bolts for the offshore market, chemical and process equipment and much more. Nickel alloys often work in industries that depend on materials that are highly durable and won’t weaken or perish. Nickel is a versatile metal element that alloys with most other metals.


    Heat Resistent

    Nickel-base alloys are used in many applications where they are subjected to harsh environments at high temperatures. These materials are designated to provide unique strength and/or corrosion properties at elevated temperatures, up to 1200°C.

    Major attributes include properties such as high strength, high creep resistance, resistance to softening, or resistance to metal loss at high temperature from oxidation, sulfidation, or carburization.

    Examples of heat resistant nickel alloys:

    Alloy 600                             Alloy 718                               Alloy 800/800 HT

    Alloy 601                              Alloy DS                                Alloy 75



    An extending attribute of nickel alloys is its super corrosion resistant behavior. Nickel and nickel-base alloys are vitally important to modern industry because of their ability to withstand a wide variety of severe operating conditions involving corrosive environments.

    These alloys are intended for applications in the chemical processing, petroleum refining, marine, heat treating, pollution, and waste control industries where other metals may not provide adequate corrosion protection.

    Examples of corrosion resistant nickel alloys:

    Alloy 200/201                  Alloy K-500                        Alloy 825

    Alloy 400                           Alloy 625                            Alloy C-276